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Earliest birth year寵惠 "字亮疇" 王 35世,煜初公六子, 民國外交家、法學家。歷任外交總長、司法總長、國務總理、代理行政院長,司法院長。 ‎(I18)‎
Birth 10 October 1881 香港
Death 15 March 1958 ‎(Age 76)‎ 病逝台北
Latest birth year寵慶 "號景臣" 王 35世,煜初公八子 ‎(I8)‎
Birth 14 January 1988
Death 21 August 1939 ‎(Age )‎ 上海--萬國殯儀館
Earliest death year寵慶 "號景臣" 王 35世,煜初公八子 ‎(I8)‎
Birth 14 January 1988
Death 21 August 1939 ‎(Age )‎ 上海--萬國殯儀館
Latest death year zhongshanwang ‎(I1)‎
Birth 12 November 1920 19 民國九年十一月十二日
Death 2 July 1996 ‎(Age 75)‎ 民國八十五年七月二日葬于臺北陽明山一號公墓
Person who lived the longest
寵惠 "字亮疇" 王 35世,煜初公六子, 民國外交家、法學家。歷任外交總長、司法總長、國務總理、代理行政院長,司法院長。 ‎(I18)‎
Birth 10 October 1881 香港
Death 15 March 1958 ‎(Age 76)‎ 病逝台北
Average age at death
Males: 76   Females: 19
Family with the most children
煜初 "名沾輝,號炳輝" 王 34世,元深公長子 + 慕貞 葉 原配夫人 ‎(F4)‎
Marriage Yes
Average number of children per family
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The Exhortation of Our ForefatherThe Venerable Wong YuenSum
7 July 2009 - 10:08:54am

It is my wish for the forthcoming generations of the Wong family that:

My descendants should steadfastly uphold the faith in the One and Only Lord our God, and worship Him forever.

In order to bear in mind the grace of our Lord upon us, may some of them be called to continue my calling vocation in the Christian ministry; or may some of walk along the Way of the Lord to proclaim the Truth; and may they contribute their means to support the Holy Church according to the teaching of Scriptures; otherwise, may they perform good deeds to benefit other people.
Thus, we are doing the good works of our Lord to glorify His Holy name, and our thanks for His Preservation of our beings and for His Salvation of our souls. Other than these, there will be no other worthy ways to comply with the Will of god and express our appreciation.

It is written in the Scriptures: \"Always abounding in the work of the Lord, .forasmuch as ye know that your labour is not in vain in the Lord.\" ‎(1 Corinthian 15:58 KJV)‎. These we do, not for the vainglory of this secular world, but to look 3rd to. the eternal blessings of the world to come.

In the summer of the year 1906 of our Lord, the Venerable Wong YuenSum,a senior member of the Hong Kong Chinese Rhenish Church,in his ninetieth year, led this testimony in the Study of Meditation in Hong Kong in order to glorify s great love, and so that his descendants will focus their hearts and minds on God’s love forever. Amen.

Mak Mui-Sheng, recorder
from: Wong YuenSum\'s autobiography
< A Testimony: How I Passed through the Days of Ordeal>

王公元深遺訓 - 麥梅生
7 July 2009 - 10:07:01am


獨賴唯一之 主上帝,而永世敬拜之•
或繼作 主工, 永誌 主恩;或遵行 主道,播俘真理;或捐资聖會,依经力行;或作諸善,以益不人。此皆作之善工而歸荣 救主之聖名。以謝上帝之大恩也。经云:‏[常務 主事,宗 主無徒勞。 ]‏

一九六零年(即光绪三十二年夏季)禮賢會老人王元深,時年九十,居香港静靜齋,囑筆略記大慨,以表彰 上帝之大德,欲後人念兹在兹,永世不忘,诚心所顾。

摘绿錄於王元深自傳 歷艱明證记

6 July 2009 - 3:04:37pm

因思及三十三世祖王公元深當年篤信 基督,不顾鄉里的排斥,毅然带領他的後代信 主并廣傳福音,故常典起返螂一探究竟之念。终至虎門及香港寻根峙,分别找到了十六世祖王公子康宗祠;當年三十三世祖元深公、三十四世祖煌初公、謙如公和三十六世祖子堂公傅教所在的太平福音堂、香港禮賢會堂及香港合一堂(前身是道濟會堂)。
The Venerable Wong YuenSum,our thirty-third generation forefather, answered the call of God and led his entire family to the Christian faith in spite of the
opposition of the local gentry and by doing so he reoriented the Wong family here afterwards. Inspired by the fire and dedication of our forefathers, I had
always dreamt to return to my native land, to my mundane as well as my spiritual roots. Thanks be to God, I was able to visit Humen and Hong Kong and located the ancestral temple of our sixteenth generation forefather family now can read Chinese at ease. For the sake of all descendants of the Wong family, the present revised family genealogy has two versions, in Chinese Wong TzeHong. Also, I was able to visit the Taiping Evangelical Church in Humen, the Hong Kong Chinese Rhenish Church, and the HopYat Church ‎(formerly ToTsai Church)‎ in Hong Kong to which our thirty-third generation forefather Wong YuenSum, our thirty-fourth generation forefathers Wong YukCho, Wong HimYue, and the thirty-sixth generation forefather Wong TzeTong devoted their lives.

由长辈口傳的家族故事及家谱中所書傳略,再加上中國教會史和中国近代歷史的记载,皆可深察王氏先祖们對 主的信心舆顺服,他们在教會工作崗位上都盡力而貢献卓著。藉此重修家譜之際,冀望能把先祖们的精神傳承予俊代•
In the course of revising the family genealogy, I was privileged to review the
stories and oral histories of our forefathers in the light of the early history of the Christian Church in China against their time. Time and again.I was touched by the faith and dedication of our forefathers to the Gospel in China and their
invaluable achievements. It is my fervent hope that the spirit of our forefathers, their faith and obedience to God will be passed on to the younger generations through this family genealogy.

自一九五四年前次重修家譜至今的五十年當中,國家及社合情況歷经巨燮,吾族子孫也已散居世界各地,使用中文者不再占多教,為求眾人皆能及峙閱讀,故本次重修致之家譜同時出版中,英文版本,希望藉此能讓我们的族人慎终追遠并認識遠近的親戚。 更冀望我們繼續蒙 主差遣,宣傳主道,作 主事工,榮 神益人。
It has been fifty years since the last revision of the family genealogy in 1954.
The Chinese society has undergone tremendous changes. Descendants of theWong family have now scattered to all corners of the earth. Not everyone of the
and in English as well. May we of the Wong family remember our forefathers
always and come to know our brothers and sisters near and afar. More
importantly, may we continue to answer the call of our Lord and offer our lives to the Gospel, walk with God, serving Him for the glory of His own name. Amen.

公元二零零三年八月三十七世誌潔 識於德薩斯州
Wong ChiKit ‎(Catherine)‎ of the 37th generation, August, 2003 Texas

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